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Church Care and Training

We want to assure that every church is able to effectively reach boys and girls. We will visit and if desired evaluate clubs, assist in training leadership. We are here to answer questions. We will come and present council time messages.

Basic Training

We provide basic training at your church and on a regional basis.

Starting New Clubs

We present what Awana is to churches that inquire about Awana as a ministry. We will assist in the process of bringing their ministry on line and up to speed. We provide advice, guidance, and basic training to help them be effective and fruitful.

Fall Leadership Conference

We direct and administer the Fall Conferences. These are annual advanced training for all facets of Awana Clubs, lead and taught by the leaders and churches who have knowledge and expertise to share. It is the next level up from Basic Training.

Steve and Karen Hydanus

Awana Missionaries

Los Angeles and Northern Orange Counties

909 730-2866