A New Direction for AwanaGames and Bible Quiz

Many of you have called and asked "Where the Games and Quiz will be held?" The issue is that the Awana Missionaries across the nation are no longer permitted to actively run and administer the AwanaGames and Bible Quiz. This does not mean that Awana thinks that these are unimportant, the opposite is true. They are vital and important. However, Awana has a bigger goal for the missionaries (and us). Awana is presently in 108 countries and all 50 states. We are reaching 1 million boys and girls each week in 12,000 clubs here in the US. We are reaching 2 million boys and girls each week in 37,000 clubs across the rest of the world.

Awana placed a goal of 10 million boys and girls by the year 2020. That is a large goal, but one we think we can make. But it will take a concentrated effort, and that is the decision behind the missionaries not running Game and Quiz.

Rest assured that Games and Quiz will live on here in Southern California. Jerry Roussard, a ministry team member from the California GoldenWest area, along with the rest of the ministry team who have been helping us are picking up the ball and running with it. There is a new web site. You will need to bookmark this site, as this is where registration forms, dates, rule books, training, and all the other aspects of events that you are used to will be located.

Below is a link to the new website for Games and Quiz. You should see a lot of familiar locations, and some new ones. I firmly believe that when you come to any one of these, you will not see any difference from past years. By the way, while we have been asked to not administer these, we have been encouraged to attend. We are looking forward to seeing you there! If you have not been participating, we urge you to come. They are a great way to build excitement into your club year. It is also a wonderful way to get those moms and dads who do not know Christ to come see Johnny play and hear the Gospel.

Summit Games and Bible Quiz Web Site

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